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The American Mural Project’s 2019 Art of Work Gala theme is “Recycled Runway”—a recycled wearable art show.

Participants (individuals or teams) are invited to create outfit(s) made of trash and/or recyclable materials, and present them at the Art of Work Gala, a benefit event for the American Mural Project (AMP) on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 6pm in Winsted, CT.


1.    Wearable art creations should be made from at least 75% recyclable and/or trash materials that would otherwise be previously used, considered junk, or would have ended up in the landfill if you hadn’t rescued them for art. Exceptions: shoes and sewing notions, including zippers, thread, snaps, hooks, glue, and tape. Designs must be safely worn on the human body. Please, no glitter.

2.    Hats, footwear, jewelry, briefcases, backpacks, purses, walking sticks, and other accessories may be used to enhance the overall outfit.

3.    It is preferred that participants provide their own model (diversity in age, shape, and gender are encouraged). You may act as your own model. If you cannot provide your own model, please let AMP know at the time of your application and if you are seeking a particular type of model. Designers also have the option of being matched with a local business sponsor from which they can receive donated materials that the business would normally discard. Please inquire if interested in this option.

4.    Designers and models must be available for rehearsal on Friday, September 27, 2019 at 5:30pm, and for the runway presentation on Saturday, September 28, 5–8pm (approximate times).

5.    Photo releases from all designers and models are required (see last page). Photos will be used to promote AMP fundraising events and programs. 

6.    Please provide a description of your design that can be read during the runway presentation, including the recycled materials (number and variety) that were used. This can be up-dated, if necessary, after creation.

7.    Participant applications are due by August 30, 2019. The AMP Gala Committee will review all participant applications as they are received. AMP reserves the right to refuse any design that is not finished, is considered unsafe, is not appropriate for a family audience, is not made from recycled materials, or any other reason deemed necessary.

Search online for “Trashion Show” or “Recycled Runway” for ideas of possible materials to use, which may include the following:

·      Textile scraps

·      Tile, wallpaper, linoleum, or carpet scraps

·      Landfill recyclables: paper, plastics, aluminum, steel, cardboard, magazines, books, newspapers, phone books, etc.

·      Beverage bottle caps or six-pack rings

·      Plastic bags

·      Old toys or game pieces

·      Packaging materials

·      Food containers (clean)

Click here to download the application. Click here to apply online.

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