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Full day: 8:30am–3pm, $275
Half day: 8:30am–12pm, $150
Sibling discount: $25

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MUSIC @AMP, July 8–12
This ultimate week of musical exploration takes you inside and out to make high-tech and low-tech songs. Find and make music all over the property—from the buildings and studios at AMP and in Whiting Mills to the woods and trails surrounding the buildings. Make your own instruments and explore the wild sounds of the natural world while playing on AMP’s kid-built outdoor stage. Learn the basics of sound production so you can AMPlify everything you create. Unplug and enjoy writing songs, playing in a band, having fun, and exploring the creative journey. Ages 8-11.


MAKE @AMP, July 15–19
Everyone is an artist at work in this maker-oriented week of inventing, tinkering, creating, and crafting. Take things apart (old appliances and small machines), build amazing inventions, and tinker with tools and materials to make things that roll, float, and fly—among other amazing feats! You are limited only by your imagination. Small hand tools and basic carpentry skills will be taught in addition to wiring simple circuits. Ages 7-11.


TINKER @AMP, July 22–26
Tinkerers unite! In this inventive week with Joe Brien of Lost Art Workshops, campers will use real hand tools to build fun, useful, and high-quality projects. Step back in time to learn how to manipulate a wide variety of materials to design and build small wooden items, including tool boxes, sculptures, tops, whistles, spoons, bird feeders, and bowls—all on the Tinker Wagon. Ages 8-11.


GROW @AMP, July 29–August 2
This week is perfect for aspiring chefs, animal lovers, and nature enthusiasts. Learn about natural resources and the environment as you create one-of-a kind planter boxes and birdhouses. Discover what is needed to create the food we eat by planting, composting, cooking, and preserving. Then make jams, salsa, and possibly goat cheese, too. The week also includes visitors of the furry and feathery sort from local farms, followed by sewing stuffed animals in their likeness. Ages 7-11.


CREATE @AMP, August 5–9
Discover your inner designer as you create a tiny home of your own! Jessica Russell of Art Room Atelier will guide you in creating a miniature space—castle, treehouse, garage, and more—out of cardboard. Then get to work painting and wallpapering the interior and exterior, furnishing it with fabric, boxes, spools, and other salvaged materials. Create furniture, people, and pets to inhabit your little home. The week will wrap up with the whole group working collaboratively to create and decorate a full-scale fort! Ages 6-10.