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AMP’s mission points to a dual purpose—to honor workers and work in America, and to challenge those who see the mural to make their own contributions through their work. It is through the “challenge” aspect that AMP offers education programs that provide firsthand experiences with art that serve as catalysts for students’ wider education, equipping them with essential, transferable skills to become creative innovators and problem-solvers at any job.

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“As I stood in that gallery, it felt clear to me that the mural will be a new kind of map of our country—you’re making Winsted a destination spot, but then taking every person on a tour of the country while they’re there. And imagine the possibilities for designing curriculum around the project—history, geography, art, American culture, sociology, etc. The mural is a course in itself.”

Nancy Arcieri, De La Salle Academy, New York


“I want to thank you again for such a wonderful morning. You and your group of volunteers created an extraordinary atmosphere, full of excitement about content, materials, and creativity. Your energy and spark are contagious! We had such a happy group of participants all day long...and they would have stayed all day if we'd let them!”

Anne Butler Rice, Associate Museum Educator for Adult Audiences, Wadsworth Museum of Art, Hartford, Connecticut


"Working on this project was a valuable experience for my seventh-grade students…. Especially important was the opportunity for them to participate in a group project that encouraged their individual creative energy… striving for excellence in accomplishing their individual role in a project to reach a larger common goal is a skill that will be useful in all aspects of their lives… Seeing the artist’s plan of breaking down a large project into more manageable parts shows important problem-solving skills that I hope will enable them to undertake similar projects in the future and empower them to believe that they too can use art to speak to the world about their views."


Mark Alexander, Sharon Center School

“I just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet you today, and you are such an inspiration! You are changing the world and bringing so many different people together all over the country to create something so special. I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to work on this project with my students. Thank you so much for agreeing to come to Paul PS. I am so excited!"

Jennifer Ventimiglia, Paul Public Charter School, Washington, DC


“Wow! What a day! It just goes to show that, to thrill an audience of kids, you don't always have to travel to NYC or beyond! I heard from at least 3 kids that it was their favorite field trip EVER! They absolutely LOVED the mural, and being part of it!”

Chris Hanley, Lee Kellogg School, Falls Village, Connecticut

AMP partner schools


  • Achievement First Charter School, Hartford

  • Cornwall Consolidated School, Cornwall

  • Ethel Walker School, Simsbury

  • Fairfield Country Day School, Fairfield

  • Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Hartford

  • Greater Hartford Academy of Science, Hartford

  • Hotchkiss School, Lakeville

  • IMS Lower School, Lakeville

  • IMS Upper School, Lakeville

  • Lee H. Kellogg School, Falls Village

  • Litchfield Montessori School, Northfield

  • Mary P. Hinsdale School, Winsted

  • McKinley School, Fairfield

  • Naugatuck Community College, Naugatuck

  • Northwestern Community College, Winsted

  • Oliver Wolcott Technical School, Torrington

  • Oliver Wolcott Technical Vocational School, Torrington

  • Pearson School, Winsted

  • Region 7 High School, Winsted

  • Renzulli Academy, Hartford

  • Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School, Waterbury

  • Sharon Center School, Sharon

  • Torrington High School, Torrington

  • Washington Montessori, New Preston Marble Dale


  • Monument Mountain High School, Great Barrington

  • Stockbridge Plain School, Stockbridge


  • Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, Las Vegas


  • Taos Day School, Taos


  • De La Salle Academy, New York City

  • George Jackson Academy, New York City

  • New Lebanon Junior-Senior High School, New Lebanon

  • Taller Boricua, Harlem

  • Walter B. Howard Elementary School, New Lebanon


  • Barnard Elementary

  • Bell Lincoln Multicultural School

  • Cesar Chavez Parkside

  • Georgetown Day School

  • Hyde Addison Elementary

  • Maury Elementary

  • Paul PCS

  • Capitol Hill Cluster Schools


  • Ceredo Elementary, Milton